The redistribution of the stakes

In casinos, redistribution of stakes is the most generous of all gaming systems and comes with a guarantee for the player not to be fooled.

A unique redistribution rate!

Every game is based on the principle of redistribution of stakes: one wins what the other loses. The redistribution rate can not be less than 88% for table games and 85% for slot machines.

In practice, the national average of the redistribution rate of the slot machines is actually even higher since it reaches 92%! In the minds of the public, fed with news and memories, everything would be done in the casinos to lose the player.

The myth of the tricked roulette that the croupier orders foot through a secret mechanism has long fueled fantasies. Even today, it is not uncommon to hear a regular ask a slot machine manager to “open the floodgates” or “make him win”, convinced that the manager has a power of command over the machines!

If it happened that unscrupulous employees tried to steal their employers or customers, they had to do it with accomplices because it is impossible to rig a game alone (especially since the croupiers have pockets sewn) and these practices are now immediately detected the video surveillance and the inspectors of the Races and Games.

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