The regulation of games in France

In France, the Penal Code prohibits gambling, except those authorized the authorities.
Law of June 15, 1907: defines the exemptions to this prohibition and the criteria for setting up a casino, operating procedures and procedures.
Law of March 31, 1931: authorizes thermal spas located less than 10 km from Paris (Enghien-les-Bains) to open a casino provided it does not offer a game of the ball.

Decree of December 22, 1959 and Decree of December 23, 1959: define the regulation of games in casinos.
Law of July 12, 1983: represses games of chance globally and prohibits the automatic devices of games of chance (and thus the machines of slot) in France.

Law of May 5, 1987: way of derogation from the previous text, this law allows slot machines in casinos only.
Law of 5 January 1988 “Amendment Chaban”: authorizes the opening of casinos, after approval of the Minister of the Interior, “in cities or tourist resorts constituting the main city of an agglomeration of more than 500 000 inhabitants and participant for more than 40%, where appropriate with other local authorities, the operation of a national drama center, a national orchestra and an opera theater with regular performances of at least 20 performances in the season lyrical “.
Law of 29 January 1993 “Sapin Law”:
Law of July 2, 1998 (DDOEF): authorizes the practice of the ball and similar games at the Casino Barriere d’Enghien-les-Bains, thus amending the law of March 31, 1931.

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