Casino Comp Envy

Playing and gambling at the Las Vegas casinos have become some sort of a status symbol for many. People see an extravagant gambler and think that he has all the money in the world to spend at the poker tables and roulette wheels. This perception has aroused interest in a lot of people who also want to look and feel like a million dollars playing at the posh casinos.

Casinos are always on the lookout for opportunities to make more money. They try to attract more people to play in their casinos and spend more money in games. They offer enticing promotions and rewards to loyal gamblers in a bid to make them come back for more. One of the rewards given the casinos are the compliments or “comps.”

Comps can range anywhere from keychains to free show tickets to free hotel accommodations. For many people, the size and value of the comps is an indication of a person’s prestige or status symbol. Most people think that the bigger and more valuable the comp, the richer and wealthier the gambler is. Which is true, in most cases.

What you don’t know is that the value of the comps is not based on the amount of money you spent gambling or the amount of your winnings, but on the amount of losses you incur. The more money you spend and lose, the bigger your comps will be, and that is the hard truth.

But why do people don’t see it that way? It is true that rich gamblers get bigger comps than ordinary Joes because they can afford to lose a lot of money, but comps should not be seen as a status symbol. It is not an indication of how skillful or lucky a gambler is, but as a sign of how much money he lost to the casino.

It’s normal for people to get envious of other people’s good fortune. When they know that someone was rewarded a big comp they become envious and want to experience it themselves. The casinos know this. So they produce aggressive promotions that feature the high-rollers of the casinos and the comps and gifts they receive from the casinos.

So don’t think that comps are status symbols. Don’t be envious of gamblers who get rewarded lavish comps. If you don’t receive comps or if they are small, it’s a sign that you are doing well in your gambling. You are not losing large sums of money to the casino.

Think of comps as a form of rebate or refund for the money you spent at the casino. Just concentrate on the games you are playing, don’t think much about comps, and just have fun. It is nice to receive comps, but it’s even nicer to know that you are not losing a lot of money in your gambling.

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