Month: August 2017

Tips for playing and poker etiquette

Following the rules is mandatory, but winning at poker requires something more. The best players develop a unique style that seems unguarded to opponents yet is ultimately inscrutable. The key is being comfortable within yourself. Here are a few tips that will help you develop a relaxed demeanor and put others off guard.

Wait your turn . Folding, calling, or taking any action out of turn is rude. It creates an unfair advantage or disadvantage for other players, and it focuses attention on you in a negative was. Don’t do it.

Don’t be bullied into making a quick decision . If you need time to think, then ask for it saying “time.” This is especially important in loose games when players are eager to interpret your silence as a check. And don’t tap or rap the table while you’re thinking. This action is interpreted as a nonverbal check.

Don’t hesitate when it’s time for a showdown . Show your cards. If all players check in the last round, they should reveal their cards together. Some people are rude and want you to go first. It doesn’t matter; show your cards.

Don’t appear too smart at the table . The less people think of your ability, the more they will underestimate you. Let them believe you’re half-witted or on tilt. Just be sure you’re not.
Take a break when you’re tired or hungry . It’s no big deal. Just ask the dealer how long you can be away from the table. Twenty or thirty minutes is usually allowed. Count your chips and leave them there. It’s the dealer’s job to be sure they are untouched until you return. Poker’s price for fun and money management

The house rake is obviously only a part of poker’s price for fun. The rest depends on who is playing. Are you better than everyone else at the table? If the answer is yes, then the price for fun will usually be zero or less. Poker will pay you money.…

Tipping the Dealers

If a crew of dealers is friendly and helpful, I believe the players should tip, or toke, them, whether or not they’re winning. Sometimes a word or two from a dealer can make the players a bit of money or save them from losing money.

If a player has forgotten to take odds on his come bet or hasn’t backed up his line bet to the limit, competent and aware dealers will make it their business to correct this oversight.

Sometimes in a hectic game, after a player has received a payoff on a come bet or some other wager, he may forget to pick up the chips and will leave them in the wrong betting area. A dealer who is alert will point out this mistake and can save the player a bit of grief.

In the heat of battle, in the middle of a hot game of craps when a player has a lot of bets working for him, it pays to have a dealer who’s on his toes and who has the interests of the players in mind. Tipping keeps that interest at a high pitch, but I don’t suggest toking a dealer unless he’s competent and helpful.

Hostile dealers don’t deserve anything, no matter how much a player wins. Neither do greedy dealers who push for tokes. But when a dealer is doing his best, all means make a few bets for him and for the crew.

The most common way players toke dealers is making center proposition bets for them. A player might throw out some chips to the stickman and say, “All the hardways, one and one”. This means that all the hardway bets are covered, with one chip bet for the player and one for the boys, which is the most common term used for a crew of dealers.…

Time Saver

The moral is, if you’ve got the nuts, then don’t back down, but be absolutely sure that you’ve got the nuts.

The reverse moral is, if you’re definitely holding the nuts, don’t wither in the face of an aggressive player who thinks you’re bluffing. Don’t just call him; raise him. Make him fold or make him feed the pot to see your cards. Remember, the goal is not necessarily to have the best hand, it’s to win the biggest pot.

Hotshot was indeed on tilt. He wasn’t thinking clearly, and he became greedy. The biggest mistake was playing it cool after the flop. Hotshot needed to establish credibility and prevent the others from improving their hands. He did neither. That’s why Killer and the other players took his money all night long.

Poker economics and practical matters

Where is the casino during all this heated action? They’re sitting above the fray collecting a portion of every pot. This is called the rake. Five to 10 percent is common.

Or they may charge an hourly fee per player. Other casinos simply collect a flat amount for every hand. Whatever the method, you’ll pay about $10 per hour to sit in a low stakes game. That amount will more than double in a higher stakes game.…